Business Email

We offer professional, customized email addresses using your business’s own domain name. This lends credibility and professionalism to your messages when communicating with customers.

Our business email services tie in closely with our websites, providing professional customized email addresses using your own domain. Customized email addresses are essential when looking to provide support to your customers, marketing your business online, and when conducting business-to-business communications. Take, for example, Airwave’s email addresses: which would you be more likely to trust, and therefore bring your business to?, or If you chose the latter, then our business email services are the right choice for you.

Our services come in two tiers: the first being a service that is setup for a one-time fee, then free afterwards; the second being a service that is setup for a one-time fee and then costs a certain amount monthly per user (the extra costs bring extra features).

  1. This optionĀ is based around a service called Zoho Mail, which is a free-to-use online email provider. This service provides unlimited accounts and is generally a great option for when basic email use is all that your business needs.
  2. The second option is based around Google’s Gmail and G Suite—this option costs $5/user per month, making it more expensive than the first option, though it comes with all of Google’s online apps, including their full online office suite.

For more information on these services, give us a call at 217-454-8240 or email Lucas at

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